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Lotus Lantern Workshop, submitted by Leah Bruosta

Funding for 5th grade students at MacArthur School to create rice lanterns.  This will connect a Korean cultural tradition to their reading of “When My Name Was Keoko”, by Linda Sue Park. (Excellence in Education Grant Program)
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Dramatic Heroes, submitted by Lakyn Arrick, Michelle Mount & Michelle Rizza

300 students from Dual Language, Plympton and Whittemore schools will attend a live performance of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”.  Drama specialists and classroom teachers will create a bridge from page to stage, incorporating the theme of heroism.  The children will then write a letter of appreciation to a local hero. (Excellence in Education Grant Program)
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The Tea is Brewing, submitted by Caitlin Madsen, Courtney Wilbur and Holly Connolly

4th graders from Northeast School will go to the Old South Meeting House in Boston to attend and participate in a historical reenactment of the tea tax debates.  This event is to help students build real world context and connections while studying the American Revolution. (Excellence in Education Grant Program)
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HeartZones for Healthy Kids, submitted by Stacey Meehan and Mike Peterson

50 armbands for the students at Kennedy Middle School to wear during Phys Ed class.  These armbands will capture the student’s heartrate during their physical education activities, helping them to practice goal setting and self-evaluation. The goal is to encourage activity and a healthy lifestyle for years to come. (Excellence in Education Grant Program)
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?Como llegamos a ser autores? (How do we become authors?), submitted by Olivia Barbieri

Students in the 7th grade Spanish Language Arts at Kennedy Middle School have read “Frida, el misterio del anillo del pavo real y yo” and have a virtual visit with the author.  Through this visit, the students will learn about Angela Cervantes’ path to becoming an author and will have the opportunity to ask her...
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