Our Mission


The Waltham Education & Beyond Foundation (WEBF) was established July 2007 to serve as an important resource in ensuring educational excellence in Waltham. Many of Waltham’s neighboring cities and towns throughout Massachusetts have long-established education foundations which they use to enhance public education.

An education foundation is a non-profit, volunteer -based, private, organization that seeks funding through citizens, businesses and organizations. These funds are used to provide students with a higher level of educational opportunities beyond what is available through the school budget.

The funds raised by the WEBF are an important resource for the Waltham Public Schools, serving as a dynamic force to improve the quality of education by fostering teachers’ creativity and students’ academic achievement.


The mission of the Waltham Education & Beyond Foundation is to broaden community support to help achieve education excellence for all students in Waltham Public Schools.

The purpose of the WEBF is to:

  • Provide resources to support innovative ideas and projects that promote academic achievement, excitement in learning and instruction.
  • Promote new educational ideas and initiatives.
  • Fund projects that benefit the most number of students and teachers.