Grant Programs

WEBF Grant Program Overview 

Excellence in Education Grant Program (EEGP) 
The Excellence in Education Grant Program (EEGP) is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s efforts to provide meaningful and enriching educational opportunities for students in the Waltham Public School community. The EEGP is open to Waltham Public School teachers, staff, administrators, and parents. The Program offers small grants up to $1000 for projects typically benefiting a single classroom, and major grants of $1000 to $5000, which will benefit a larger number of students.

Sally-Hilda Erickson Science and STEM Program (SHEGP) 
Sally-Hilda Erickson was a science teacher at Waltham’s Kennedy Middle School for 35 years. Her enthusiasm and love of science inspired students during her teaching career. Ms. Erickson passed away in 2021 and generously bequeathed fund to our foundation. The purpose of this grant program is to honor Ms. Erickson’s memory by expanding learning and the student/teacher experience. This grant is specifically for proposals related to science and STEM-related projects that; demonstrate innovation, enrich student growth, or enhance collaboration (i.e. – require faculty, students, departments or schools to work together in order for the project to be successful). Grants are available for any amount up to $5000.

Please read the Grant Program guidelines:

  • All applicants must complete the grant applicant form, in addition to the grant proposal form.
  • There are two grant proposal forms, please use the appropriate form based on the amount you are requesting.
  • Keep in mind that all signatures MUST be obtained to be considered.

If you have questions or need help, please send email to